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"Buddhafield" means a situation where your sleeping buddha can be awakened.
"Buddhafield" means an energy field where you can start growing, maturing,
where your sleep can be broken, where you can be shocked to awareness;
an electric field where you will not be able to fall asleep,
where you will have to be awake...

You have to be made aware of your potential,
and you have to be given a safe place from where you can work:
a place where you are not distracted by the world,
a place where you can go on without any disturbance from the crowd,
a place where ordinary things, taboos, inhibitions, are put aside;
where only one thing is significant - how to become a buddha...

By the end of this century, a critical quantum leap is possible.
Either man will die in a third world war
or man will take the jump and will become a new man.
Before that happens, a great buddhafield is needed -
a field where we can create the future.
OSHO, --The Diamond Sutra

In a setting of lush gardens and contemporary facilities one finds Osho Commune International, Poona, India. This buddhafield is a living experiment to realize Osho's vision of "Zorba the Buddha".
Here Osho has created a scientific approach to the transformative process, using specially developed dynamic meditation techniques, therapy and working, in order to bring people to a state where they are able to experience meditation.
Each year thousands of visitors come to the Commune from around the world, for short visits or to participate for several months: to take part in the daily meditations, the extensive program of Osho Multiversity, or through work contribute to the ever-transforming energy of the buddhafield.
All activities of Osho Commune International, whether in healing or creative arts, therapy, sports, or preparing food in the kitchen, take place in the context of meditation. This emphasis makes Osho Multiversity, and the Commune, unique in the world.

Meditation in the commune

Many meditations take in Gautama the Buddha Auditorium each day, starting with Dynamic Meditation at sunrise. During the day different meditation techniques, such as Vippasana, Nataraj, Gourishankar and Nadabrahma, offer a window to other dimensions of the inner world. Each day the afternoon program ends with Kundalini Meditation.

As the highlight of the day, at sunset the entire Commune comes together in Gautama the Buddha Auditorium to participate in the Osho White Robe Brotherhood Meeting, which includes live music, celebration, silence and a discourse by Osho on video.

Meditation Camps

One weekend of each month, commencing on the second Friday, is devoted to the Meditation Camp. No other programs are scheduled for this time, so that many people can take the opportunity to immerse themselves in this three-day intensive experience of Osho's meditation techniques.

Osho Samadhi

Osho's Samadhi, where his ashes are placed, has a spectacular environment of marble and glass, which was designed with his guidance. It must certainly be the most beautiful Samadhi that has ever been created for any Master. Sitting in the Samadhi, each meditation can absorb the profound silence - a powerful and unique experience. The Samadhi Meditation is available four times each day.

AIDS-free Zone

Osho Commune International is an AIDS-free community - all visitors are required to have negative AIDS blood tests for HIV-1 and HIV-2 before registration. The test should be less than one month old and must clearly state that it is for both HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies. When you are registering at the Welcome Center, the negative test result, along with passport-sized photos, is required for issuance of passes to all Commune facilities.

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